You have worked hard to build equity in your Primary Investment, your home. But now your Financial Goals have changed and you want to use some of that Equity for Investment,  to restructure your Financial Situation, pay off debt and save money in Interest Charges. How do you proceed and what are the Guidelines of how much equity you can access? Is the Time right during the Term of your Mortgage? How do you qualify for a Refinance in today's Lending Environment and Economic Situation?
As Licensed Mortgage Associates we can assist you with all of these questions and more to ensure you are getting the Best Mortgage in your Refinance Process and help protect your best interests.
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Here are some common Questions that you may have with a Refinance


How do I ensure I am getting the Best Rates Available for my new Mortgage?

With access to a Large Selection of Lenders we can shop around and find you the Best Rate for your new Mortgage that best meets your needs and Financial Situation.


How much of the Equity in my Home can I Access?

Lenders will go to 80% Loan to Value on a Refinance Mortgage. That means you can access up to 80 % of the Value of your Home for Investment or Debt Consolidation. Typically an Appraisal will be required to get an accurate Value for your Home in the Current Market Conditions.


How do I ensure that if my Situation Changes and I need to Sell or Upgrade, I will be paying the least amount in Penalties if I have to get out of my New Mortgage Term?

If you need to terminate your Current Mortgage Term there are two major ways Banks or Lenders calculate the Penalty that you will Pay. The first is a Three Month Interest Penalty.
The Second is a IRD ( Interest Rate Differential) Penalty Calculation. Many Lenders calculate this from their current Posted Interest rate and Not the Discounted Rate that you signed your current Term at. This Difference is used in a Calculation with the Remaining Term on your Mortgage to Calcualte your Penalty. They will then Charge the Larger of the two Types of Penalties. A Mortgage Professional can help find Lenders that do not use this type of Difference Calculation and it is based off of your actual Signed Rate and not the higher Posted Rate.
They can also give you options of Varialble Rates or Open Terms if your Situation going forward would benefit from that type of Mortgage.


What if I am thinking of Upgrading, but not for a few Years?  Are there options to assist me to minimize penalties? Yes, Mortgages with Portability Options.

When Refinancing and you know a possible Upgrade or Move is in your Future, having a Mortgage Professional make sure that your new Mortgage is Portable will help you save money in fees. Portability means you can move your Mortgage to another Property, minimizing Penalties, and if needed, allowing you to Port the current Mortgage Amount and Add additional funds to the Mortgage amount if you are Upgrading to a more Expensive Property. We can also adjust your Mortgage Term to Minimize any Penalties you may incur.


Your time is Valuable. Let a Mortgage Associate assist you in Acquiring The Best Mortgage for you to save you Time and Stress.

We have access to many Lenders and will shop around to get you not only the Best Rates for your Situation, but the Best Terms for Purchase such as Pre payment and Portability. We will also help you decide if Fixed and Variable Rates are best for you, as well as, Open or Closed Terms and what amortization Term best suits your Goals.


What does having a Mortgage Associate cost to assist me when Refinancing?

Mortgage Associates are paid by the Lenders. They are also paid on the Amount of the Mortgage and not the Interest Rate, so they will look out for your best interests. Our goal is always to provide the Best service Possible, as we rely on Referals and repeat Customers to grow our Business.


Why use a Licensed Mortgage Associate?

Simply stated, we are here to assist you through the Entire process and to help you get the Best Rates and Terms based on your situation. We will guide you through Pre Qualification right  to the completion of your Refinance. We will help with all Documentation needed in Today's Lending Environment and assist you throughout the Application Process, to make it as quick and efficient as possible. Our goal is to ensure that your next Mortgage Term fits your needs and optimizes your Financial Situation.


How can Refinancing my Home save me Money?

If you are able to secure a Lower Interest Rate you will save money on your Mortgage Repayment in the Next Term. Also, you have the option of shortening the Amortization Term on your next term allowing you to pay off your Mortgage years earlier. Both of these will help you save money in Interest Repayment over the term of the Mortgage.
We will also try to find you a Lender with the Best Prepayment options where you can pay a Percentage of the Prinicpal every Year without Penalty, saving you Interest. Some Lenders also allow you to increase the Monthly Payment which again will save you Interest over the Term.


How do I get Started?

Simply contact us for a Completely Free Consultation and we Can discuss your options on your Renewal Term.


Mortgages are one of the Biggest Financial Investments in our Lives.

Getting the Best Refinance Mortgage for you and your Situation is essential for your Financial Future. Make sure you have a Professional looking out for your Best Interests.